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Miami and South Beach boast some of the hottest nightspots in the world. Let our Miami concierge assist you with your VIP club entrance.

As the moon moves across the sky, Miami clubs and lounges open their doors to ocean breezes, celebrities and the beautiful people who fill their dance floors and VIP rooms to capacity every night. Miami Florida is also a place where a large number of celebrities live, vacation, and party, adding to the chic and excitement of Miami nightlife.

For those who like the nightlife, Miami is the place to be. People come from around the world to enjoy South Beach’s famous bars and Miami clubs. A majority of these clubs are located in South Beach, though the Downtown area is fast becoming a major party spot as well.


Our clients enjoy preferred status and VIP privileges at some of Miami's hottest nightclubs!


Dress to Impress

Most all Miami clubs have a strict dress code; Men should look classy and cool, perhaps in designer jeans and a somewhat dressy shirt. No shorts, ill-fitting clothing, or casual shoes and definitely no tennis shoes. For ladies, tight and sexy clothing is your ticket, but try to keep it on the chic and sophisticated side.

VIP Door Entrance to Miami Clubs

Miami clubs can be very hard to get into and unprepared visitors and tourists often spend a good part of their evenings waiting in line outside. Best Miami Concierge has built a relationship with the hottest; most popular and exclusive clubs in Miami Beach to get you in the door without waiting!  EzVip is the one stop shop for your club admission.

What is EzVip?

EzVip is being labeled the "Expedia" and "Orbitz" of nightclubs. It’s the first web portal of its kind to offer club goers the ability to pre purchase admission, drinks and bottle service online! By purchasing through EzVip, not only will you have the luxury of gliding past club lines, but EZ ensures your VIP treatment thought the evening as your order has been relayed to club management and now staff are prepared and on standby waiting for your arrival. EzVip also allows visitors to view the newest nightlife photo galleries or just just keep up with the latest in entertainment news. Go to EzVip.com and enter the promo EZ085


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