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Created by the Opium Group and designed by well-known designer Francois Frossard, SET, is one of the most upscale Miami night clubs. Set, located on Lincoln Road in South Beach, has no dance floor. As an alternative, the clientele is encouraged to dance on anything they can stand on, including VIP sofas and wooden tables.



The crowd at this Miami night club is very select, so you must be aware that getting in the club is considered a privilege because it will allow you to be with the best of the best in Miami Florida. In addition, Set is the favorite night destination among the hottest celebrities. Celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Pharrell Williams, and famous tennis player Serena Williams are regulars at Set.

The door men are very strict; consequently, you should dress to impress if you want to get in. Making reservations or getting a spot on the guest lists are highly recommended in order to reduce waiting time and avoid long lines. The closest parking, other than the rare space you will find on the street, is the garage located on 17th and Lincoln Road.