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To ensure safety of each and every flight, Best Miami Concierge’s air travel affiliates subscribe to the services of the Aviation Research Group AG/US, a leading independent provider of data, research and analysis services to the business side of the aviation marketplace. ARG/US services provide its client with statistics that include a system of safety rankings that provide prospective clients with a clear evaluation of every aircraft and its crew for your Miami het charter.   


For more details, see http://www.aviationresearch.com.



Pre-Flight ARG/US TriCHEQ


AQG/US provides a unique service called the TripCHEQ Report (Charter Evaluation and Qualification), for every jet charter flight. This safety analysis is the most thorough, detailed, comprehensive safety analysis program in the industry. TripCHEC examines each jet charter, pilot and carrier before flight by tracking pilot certificates, accidents, incidents, violations, operational control of the aircraft and insurance levels. Each of these factors is checked within the parameters of each client’s trip. A chartered jet will never be assigned am aircraft or crew that does not meet 100% of the safety requirements developed in conjunction with ARG/US and Trip/CHEQ.




The following is included in the analysis of each pre-flight evaluation of your Miami jet charter:


  • FAA and NTSB records.
  • Pilot qualification records including flight time and experience records.
  • Certifications, training documents and insurance information.



Private jet charter is one of the safest methods of travel. Miami Jet charter carriers operate their private with regular oversight from the FAA regarding operations, maintenance and training. Most of the carriers that we work with exceed the training requirements dictated by the FAA.




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