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Types of Private Jets 


Best Miami Concierge’s clients have can choose to reserve Light, Medium or Heavy Jets depending individual needs. Based on the on their number of passengers, luggage requirements and the distance to be traveled, our aviation services representative will consult with you to determine which charter jet in Miami is the most appropriate jet for each trip.

Examlpe SpecificationsLightMediumheavy
Recommended Passenger Count 

Up to 6


Up to 8


Up to 15


380-490 mph


420-490 mph


420-500 mph


1,000-1,300 sm


 1,550-2,000 sm


2,650-3,700 sm

Please note that these are approximations and all speed/ranges are effected by weather, passenger count, runway length and prevailing winds.   


Standard or Premium for your Miami Charter Jet 

Premium JetsStandard Jets
  • Include many of the newest aircraft
In the market.
  • Average age of approximately
Four years.
  • Offer a broader range of aircraft
Without compromising the comfortOf private jet travel
Beechjet 400 ACitation BravoCitation EncoreCitation UltraCJ 2Hawker 400XPLear 31ALear 45Premier 1Astra SeriesChallenger 300Citation VIICitation XCitation ExcelGulfstream 10Gulfstream 200Hawker 800XPLear 60 Challenger 6504Embraer LegacyFalcon 900Falcon 2000Gulfstream IVGulfstream IV-SPGulfstream VGlobal Express
Beechjey 400 Citation IICitation VCJ 1Diamond JetLear 31Lear 35Westwind 2Citation IIIHawker 700Hawker 800Lear 55Challenger 600Challenger 601Falcon 50Gulfstream IIGulfstream III

 Best Miami Concierge does not own or operate aircraft; all flights are arranged through a network of qualified and licensed FAA Part 135 independent air carriers. 

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