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Two of the more compelling reasons to hire a private jet charter is convenience, flexibility. With your own jet charter under your complete control you eliminate the airport check-in process and don’t have to worry about catching your flight.  Coupled with a chauffeured car or limousine service, you simply drive up to your plane and drive away at the end of the flight.




Why Charter a Jet?





  • Private Jet Charter is Convenient And Flexible

You can set your own jet charter schedule and on some occasions, as little as four hours in advance. You choose the airports of your departure and arrival, the type and size of the aircraft and the passenger list.


  • Private Jets Are Hassle Free

With a private jet charter you remove most of the hassles that make flying so stressful. No lines at the check in desk, no long walks through the terminal, no security lines and no overbooked planes. Not to mention the plane will always be on time and on schedule.


  • Hiring a Charter Jet Means Traveling in Luxury

With a charter jet you will find a luxurious, private, secure and quiet cabin. There are no distractions from other passengers and the plane’s service staff is yours exclusively. You can use the time in the cabin to prepare for a meeting, relax with a nap or be served a gourmet meal.


  • Private Jet Charter is a Safe Mode of Transportation

Flying in a chartered jet is statistically safer then driving in a car. With the rigorous safety standards that our aviation staff practices, clients bored our planes with a since of security. Private jet charter flights are also much safer for your luggage and cargo. The reasons for this are obvious; you put your luggage on the plane and you take it off.


  • Jet Charter Can Be Made Even More Affordable

Our client’s can greatly reduce the cost per person of a charter by arranging flights for multiple passengers; from 4 up to 15 in our larger charter jets. With enough planning the cost per person is often comparable to that of a commercial flight.


  • Private Air Charter is Confidential.

Best Miami Concierge and maintains a strict policy of discretion and helps to safeguard you and any sensitive information you may be carrying.




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